Vic Fuentes
Pierce the Veil
July 02, 2008
Bonner Springs, KS
PIERCE THE VEIL - Interview by Aaron Keen
Vic Fuentes [vocals, guitar]
How's the tour been going so far?
VF: It's been very, very awesome. Probably one of the coolest experiences I've ever been on.
Is this your guys' first time doing Warped Tour?
VF: It is.
How are you guys liking it so far?
VF: It's good. I think everyone's starting to get settled in on the routine and trying to figure out, you know... It was hard the first few days to get everything organized as far as loading your gear, all the trucks, everything that goes on... I think we're getting in the groove now and now we can just focus on playing and having fun. It's been awesome.
Is everyone getting along?
VF: Yeah, everyone's gettin' along. It's great. All the shows have been awesome; there's so many people every day. It's cool!
Are you guys doing the whole tour or just part of the tour?
VF: Yeah, we're on the Hurley stage for the whole tour.
Do you have any bands you go see?
VF: I really like watching some of my friends' bands, like A Day to Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, Mayday Parade, and Say Anything. Those are all my favorite bands that I like to watch all the time.
Do you go as a band?
VF: Not really. Most of the time, everyone's just scattered everywhere, so we just try and catch whoever we can.
How's the CD going? I know it came out about a year ago.
VF: It was a year a few days ago, yeah. It's goin' good, man. I think Warped Tour is also going to be a big step for our band as far as pushing our record out there a little further.
What about the new music video?
VF: The new music video? Oh yeah, we just shot a video. It was our first real video for the song "Yeah Boy and Doll Face." It was with the director named Nate Weaver in Los Angeles. It was cool. My mom hates it, 'cause in the whole video I'm all bloody and beat up. It kinda scares her, but I think it came out cool.
Who came up with the concept for the video?
VF: It kinda goes along with the lyrics of the song a little bit. We kind of just worked together with the director and came up with something pretty simple that we could follow along with. If you listen to the lyrics of the song and watch the imagery, they all kinda tie together.
Are you guys going to do another music video or is that the only one?
VF: I don't know... we have a lot of live videos that we've been shooting for press and random things. As far as music videos, I don't know. We don't have anything planned at the moment. I think we're going to try to focus on... when we get home, we're gonna try to write new music. So, after Warped Tour, we're gonna be working pretty hard on our new record.
So that's your first music video, right? Would you consider that your single?
VF: You probably could. We've put out a couple on compilations pushing a few songs in rotation like "Currents Convulsive." Then, "Yeah Boy and Doll Face" I guess got the push because we got a video for it. It was cool, cause we actually sent out a MySpace bulletin asking who would want to see what song made into a video. That was by far, like 10 to one. We ended up pushing it just cause the fans wanted it.
Is your set shorter because of Warped Tour or is it about the same?
VF: It's the same. We've changed everything up, though. It's a whole new set. We try to make... I put the most pressure on myself to make this set more than any other show we've put together. I wanted to make sure it was really powerful and energetic and, most of all, fun for everyone. I think everyone is here... there's craziness everywhere and everyone's just out to have fun! So we threw in a lot of extra little covers and fun things throughout it to get people singin' even if they don't know our band... just break the ice and have people dance around and stuff.
Why did you guys choose 'Beat it' out of any Michael Jackson song?
VF: We were just listening to it one day and realized how much of a rock song it really is, how much that whole album is straight guitars and drums. They all really rock, so we were just looking through the riffs and the range of the vocals and we just thought we could probably do it. So, we ended up doing it live on a tour and it got the best response. It was so awesome! We recorded it when we got home, just cause it was getting such a good response live that we were like, 'We better record this.' Then we kept doing it... and then Fall Out Boy recorded it and everything went to shit. [laughs] That was the worst day of my life, when I found out that they did it. They put out a video for it and everything. So... we decided to just keep doin' it, cause people know that we do it. Now there's this "Whose is better?" rivalry going on. People will comment our MySpace everyday "yours is so much better!" So, it's cool.
Would you consider Michael Jackson one of your biggest influences or it was just there and you went with it?
VF: I don't think I'd say he's the biggest influence. I definitely really enjoy picking apart his songs. I like taking them apart and seeing why is this song is such a huge hit. You know, figuring out what is goin' on. [inaudible due to another interview next to us]
As a band, who would you say are your influences?
VF: I think for me and my brother... My brother's the drummer, Mike... we grew up learnin' from our dad. Our dad taught us how to play in the beginning and he really inspired us. As a musician, he taught us how to play, and also gave us a lot of advice on how to be in a band and how to learn from other people and really feel what you're doing... feel the music. I think he's always inspired us in that way.
Is there one rock star you aspire to be?
VF: I don't know... there was a lot of singers that I was really into growing up. It's a weird influence, but the singer from Sublime, Bradley Nowell, was one. He was always my favorite singer. He was so honest. His voice was so honest. You can tell he was just born with an amazing voice. I really admire people who have crazy, natural talent like that.
If you were to walk away from this experience today, what would you take with you?
VF: I think as long as by the end of the day we feel that we really got some work done, actually connected with some people, had fun, played well, and saw people singing... I think it's all worth it. We've never done Warped Tour before, all we've done is club shows, but we've been lucky enough to have the most amazing tours over the last year. The payout at the end of all that touring... you see it at Warped Tour, because there's thousands and thousands of people and you can see who really cares about your band. There are so many kids comin' out that we didn't even know they knew about us.
Any last words?
VF: I just wanna make sure everyone comes out to the Hurley stage the entire Warped Tour. After Warped Tour we're gonna be doing our very first headlining tour with Breathe Carolina, Four Letter Lie, and Emarosa. We would love everyone to come out!
Thanks to Vic for doing the interview. Please check out Pierce the Veil.

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