Seth and Face
The Higher
July 02, 2008
Bonner Springs, KS
THE HIGHER - Interview by Aaron Keen
Seth [vocals]
Face [bass]
How are things going?
Seth: Things are going great! We're staying hot and staying busy... just havin' fun!
How's the tour going?
Seth: Great so far. The kids have been exceptionally well for us and we've been having fun getting to all the kids we haven't had chances to get to in a long time. So it's awesome!
I think the last time I saw you guys was about a year ago with June. Have you guys not been touring a lot?
Seth: You know, we actually haven't been touring. We recently had a couple members leave the band and so we actually decided to write a new record to show what the Higher was gonna be all about. So, we took a little time to write a record, but we just got off tour with a band called Sherwood and we played Wichita, Kansas, which is kinda close to here... three hours... that's probably the closest we played on that tour.
AATM: We don't like the drive to Wichita. [laughter]
Seth: I don't think many people do, but we had a show there.
AATM: How was that show?
Seth: It was actually pretty good. Sherwood was a fun tour. A lot of fun for us. We were out with Sherwood, Houston Calls, and a band called We Shot the Moon.
AATM: Oh, I wanted to go to that show!
Seth: Yeah, it was a good show. It was fun.
Face: We played Lawrence, Kansas awhile back, too.
Seth: Yeah, the Bottleneck. [they talk amongst themselves to figure out who that tour was with]
What happened with the band mates?
Seth: Well, some of them just weren't really feelin' what the Higher was doin', so we had to let them go. Some of them wanted to go and do their own thing. Our guitarist, Tom, went off and wanted to sing his own songs and be his own band, be his own writer, do his own everything. The Higher is more of a group effort, so we let him go his own way. We're good friends still with all the guys who were in our band. The Higher continues on as strong as ever and our friends that left are having fun doing what they love to do still.
What's the new CD gonna be like?
Seth: The new CD is gonna be beautiful.
Face: Like Justin Timberlake meets Jimmy Eat World meets the Cure.
Seth: It's gonna be a jam for sure.
AATM: Is it gonna be as catchy as your last CD?
Seth: I think it's gonna be more catchy!
AATM: How could it not be with all those bands in one?!
Seth: I still say it's just as catchy, but we're bringin' a lot more rock to the table and a little bit more funk and R&B.
Face: A little more straight forward and just tell it how it is.
Seth: Tell stories.
Face: More story telling. Less random tangents of poetry. We're gonna try to go right to the point.
Is the whole CD gonna be a whole story?
Seth: I feel like the story... the way we wanna put it in order, is gonna tie into each other. Each one's gonna be kind of its own story, but it's kind of going to be... It's Only Natural, that's what the CD is gonna be called, is gonna be... each different song leading into one of the other songs, just tying them all together like it's one big song, but then twelve or thirteen different ideas. It's gonna flow well; it's gonna be awesome.
Are you going to have any members of different bands on it?
Seth: We've asked a couple people and we'll see what happens! Nothing's permanent right now. Right now we're just trying to get Sean the Matches in for one of them. We have Sean doing our artwork. He's a really talented artist. He does a lot of artwork for other people. We're good friends with the Matches so we're just stoaked that they decided to work on our album. Hopefully we'll get him on a track on the record.
Have you been friends ever since the Epitaph tour?
Seth: Before Epitaph! We toured with the Matches about five years ago. They hadn't even signed to Epitaph. They were about to sign to Epitaph with their first CD.
Face: That was our first tour, actually. It was us, The Matches, and Halifax.
Seth: Ya, Halifax hadn't been signed yet. We were just about to find to Fiddler Records. That was before Epitaph.
AATM: Did Halifax just break up?
Seth: They haven't broken up. Actually, their lead singer left their band, and now they're continuing on with their guitarist. I actually saw them play live; it was good.
Face: It was pretty much the same as old Halifax.
If you were to walk away from this experience today what would you guys take away from it?
Seth: If I was to walk away from music today? There's no walking away! If I was walking away from music, it'd be walking the plank. There's nothing else we're gonna do; there's nothing else going for us. Music is definitely all we're gonna be doing. If we were gonna walk away I'm just happy that we were able to do it for so long and just have fun doing it, travel the world, see so many places -- The UK, Japan, Holland, the US, Canada -- all these places are just awesome to visit and to relate to everybody there.
Are you doing any tours after Warped Tour?
Seth: We definitely are. We can't really announce any, but we have lots of stuff.
Face: We have Ludo... Ludo is actually confirmed for late November.
Seth: Look for us touring in September and October.
Thanks to Seth and Face for the interview! Check out The Higher!

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