Jon Seibels
Eve 6
August 09, 2003
Lawrence, KS
Jon Seibels [guitar]
There are a lot of new bands out there who are just as young as you guys were you started. What's keeping people interested in Eve 6?
JS: I think that uhh... you know... I'd like to at least hope that in the first place that people thought it was cool that we were young, but they were into our music. And, I guess what's keeping them interested is just... the new record, and people have kind of seen us grow and it's uhhh, you know, our fans have grown along with us, so, as we get older, as our fans get older, we get older...
AATM: I'm trying to remember how long it's been since the first record.
JS: The first record was in '98, so like five years...
AATM: I remember I was in junior high [laughs]
JS: Right, yeah. It's so weird on this tour I've had so many kids come up like "Oh my God, you were my favorite band in sixth grade!" you know? I'm like "oh my God!"
AATM: But they're still with you, so...
JS: It's makin' me feel old!
AATM: ...that's good!
JS: No, it's awesome, it's awesome! I think Bruce Springsteen always has a theory that the reason why he's so big and can play to so many people all the time, is that he grew while his fans grew, you know what I mean? He didn't just get stuck doing one thing the whole time, it was a constant evolution. As he grew up and got older, so did his fans right along with him, and that's what makes for a long career.
AATM: There's definitely people [growing with you], I guess it's sold out tonight.
JS: Yeah the whole tour's been, if not sold out, packed. Almost all of them have been sold out.
How did you feel about Rolling Stone's review of It's All in Your Head, or do you even read reviews?
JS: Yeah, I mean, you can't ignore it. It's one of those things... it's like, whatever, fuck 'em! [laughs] You know what I mean? I don't care. I know our fans like our music, and I'm proud of the record, and I'm proud enough to put my name on it. I don't give a fuck what some fat guy in an office thinks, really.
AATM: Don't you mostly get good reviews?
JS: It's been both. AP gave us a pretty good review.... but, we really try not to let that affect us. It's really all bullshit when you think about it anyway. I think that the Rolling Stone thing is basically saying we didn't get, like, weird and esoteric enough for them, so we're not on the "cool" list. But, fuck 'em. We make music that people like to listen to. We try to make music for the masses, so if we're not cool enough for them, fuck 'em! [chuckles]
Each of the three albums has that element about them that clearly defines them as an Eve 6 album, whereas some bands change completely from album to album. Did you find that some of the styles from the first move to the second and so forth?
JS: Yeah. We've definitely probably gained a lot of new influences just from being on the road and learning about bands from other bands and stuff like that. We've definitely expanded our influences, but we still basically write our, the three of us in rehearsal rooms, and basically just take a melody that Max has and start rockin' on it. So it kind of has a certain sound just because of that, I think. It's just the dynamic of the three of us playing together... what happens when we start doing that.
There's a lot of humor in the lyrics, I've noticed. Do you think that's something that's missing from a lot of music today that's important to have?
JS: Yeah, definitely. I think more... especially with Horrorscope, there was a lot of humorous, sort of clever lyrics, and I think that's just kind of where Max was at the time. He's a great lyricist, and that's where he was, just trying to write these great little stories, sort of ironic, funny stories in a lot of cases. I think on the new record it's a little more introverted, it's a little more personal, and in a lot of ways, maybe a lot more simple. But, not quite as much ironic stuff goin' on, but I dunno, I guess it's just sort of where he's at at the time.
AATM: Some of the lyrics seem to be just flat-out, tell you how it is, and it kind of catches you off guard and you find it funny because you don't really expect it. A lot of stuff now you have to listen and you're like "What the hell are you talking about?"
JS: Yeah, exactly, exactly. Very clear-cut.
Do you get recognized a lot when you're out and about?
JS: I mean, if it's the three of us walking through the airport or something like that, then definitely... you know, go to a show or something like that. But just walkin' down the street on a normal day, not really.
AATM: Do you get approached at all if you guys together?
JS: Sometimes, yeah. It depends on the situation.
AATM: How do you deal with that?
JS: It's never gotten to the point where it's out of hand, so it's not [I get distracted] You all right? [laughs]
AATM: Yeah, I thought I heard my phone ring.
JS: It's never gotten to the point where it's been so crazy... that sort of level of celebrity where you can't go anywhere, so for us it's still flattering when kids come up to us.
AATM: I think I saw Tony earlier, but I was just like, eh. [Jon laughs] I just kind of walked by like, whatever.
How involved are you guys with your fans?
JS: We're very involved. We have our whole online community goin' and we do newsletters...
AATM: Do you get online then?
JS: Yeah. I mean, I haven't been the last couple of weeks on the tour because I didn't bring a lap top with me, but other than that I'm definitely on there. Tony's the one who definitely always keeps up with it. We always hang out at shows. If there's 200 kids outside the bus after the show, we'll sign every last one of them, autographs or whatever. We usually just try to make that personal connection and just be real as people and not try to be all mysterious, you know.
AATM: [laughs] Max is being the mysterious one today. I haven't seen him around.
JS: Ah, he's just sleepin'.
If you had to do this all over again, would you?
JS: Yeah.
AATM: Do you think you'd gone on to college first and gotten an education and then done it?
JS: No, cause I think I can always do that, and I maybe will at some point. I've definitely had opportunities that not very many people have, so it's been awesome.
AATM: Do you find it hard to be out on the road while maybe friends from high school are back in college?
JS: Yeah, definitely. It definitely gets hard, especially when we've been out for eight, ten months it starts to get a little old, but the places that I've seen and the things that I've done...
If this all ended today, what would you take away from your experiences?
JS: [thinks] I guess just kind of overlapping from the last question, just the knowledge and the memories. Just, say when all my friends are going to college or doing whatever, that's a time in your life when you're coming of age and starting to learn about the world and being on your own in the world. We kind of learned it just by traveling and meeting different people, and I think that you can actually learn a lot from that. I think people should travel more than they do.
AATM: I wish I could travel more [Jon laughs] But it takes money.
JS: Yeah, it's hard! And that's what's so awesome about being in a band, is that for the most part you're not paying for that stuff out of your pocket and you get to see a lot of places that you wouldn't otherwise.
What's next for you guys after this tour?
JS: This tour's just starting right now. We're going to do some dates with Good Charlotte, I think, in November and basically be out for the rest of the year... and then uhhh make another record!
AATM: Well, I mean you pushed it a little bit before the CD came out and I thought that this was ending soon...
JS: No. Well, this little run is ending in like a week. We really only have like five days off (?) and weekend shows. We'll basically be on tour for like the next year.
AATM: Good Charlotte tour's gonna be kind of weird...
JS: It's gonna be huge! It's gonna be fun.
Any last words?
JS: No.!
AATM: "Go buy our CD!"
JS: or download it. [laughter]
AATM: Thanks!
JS: [whispers] Goodbye!
Thanks to Jon for doing the interview! Please check Eve 6's site out!

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